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Hi, my name is Val Hartog. I too had macular hole surgery and just like you, needed to use this chair for recovery. Consequently, the unusual position caused tension to build in the face, neck, shoulders, and shins. This resulted in discomfort and pain.

Remedial massage coupled with Marcia’s lymphatic drainage techniques was the only thing that relieved the tension. Massage made the healing process more manageable and less stressful. I highly recommend including this treatment as part of your recovery. I know that I felt it was worth it!

Sincerely, Val Hartog

“I love your products so much I use them everyday!”

Jennifer S.

“The Aroma Peri Balm was great during my pregnancy.I used it after a shower when I was 36 weeks nearly every day to reduce tearing during labour.I recommend you start a bit earlier than i did having no knowledge of the benefits. Natural birth, no tearing here : )”


“Was absolutely enormous thru my pregnancy and not one stretch mark to show. Love these products!”

Erika C.

‘Aromatherapy is so much more than just a pretty smell’

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